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Conservatives Raise More than Libs and NDP Combined In Mid-2022

The federal Conservatives raised more money than the Liberals and NDP combined during the second quarter of this year, as the party inches closer to choosing a new leader.

The Conservatives raised over $4.4 million between April 1 and June 30, while Liberals raised nearly $2.8 million and New Democrats received almost $1.2 million in contributions.

Financial returns filed with Elections Canada also lay out contributions to the Conservative federal leadership candidates during the second quarter, which totalled over $8 million.

Front-runner Pierre Poilievre received the most contributions of the candidates running for leadership of the party.

Poilievre raised just over $4 million, while former Quebec premier Jean Charest raised almost $1.4 million for the race.

The Conservatives will announce the winner of the leadership race on Sept. 10.

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