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GETSON: Walking Wounded, and the Path Forward

I went public awhile back regarding my personal health issues that were a result of a single shot of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Since then, I have been contacted by numerous individuals who have experienced a multitude of negative side effects as well. I have also been contacted by several other people who had contracted covid, never took a shot, and still had lingering health issues.

There is an ongoing concern that needs to be addressed regarding the reporting of the vaccines, and how folks were treated publicly for their health choices by organizations and their governments. These items must be addressed, along with how we treated our fellow human beings, but that is not the message of this

week’s article in its entirety. Instead, I want to talk about the “Walking Wounded” that are among us.

Because of all that happened, a stigma persists out there that is applied to anything that does not align with the narrative that the mainstream media did so well to endorse , and because viable alternative options were politicized, far too many people are still suffering with no treatment for their ailments.

Doctors who offered or endorsed alternate treatments to the conventional tools in their proverbial tool kits were driven underground. Now, most of the doctors that didn’t speak out or stand up are trying to work out why their metaphorical screwdrivers are not having the desired effect needed to drive in that 6” spike. It’s simply the wrong tool for the job.

I am being a little cheeky, it’s an oversimplification, but if you had as many heart-wrenching stories hit your inbox, or have had the countless heart crushing conversations, on the phone or in person as I have, you may be a little cheeky too. The emperor has no clothes. This is exactly why I took my shot, to be able to act as a lab rat of sorts, so I could use myself as an example of “what if” and be able to find out how to fix it if needed, and to be a voice out there that didn’t fit within the box that many have been placed into.

Today I received an email, and had a phone call from Gene, a previously healthy 74-year-old still farming, who now has barely 2 hours of energy left in him per day. Aches, pains, heart pains, all the symptoms I had as a healthy 48-year-old man. My wife, God bless her, did a ton of research to find out what may be going on with me, and with the help of those underground Doctors, and a few that were still trying to work within the system, pieced together some simple fixes that worked for me.

Nothing magical, but Big Pharma will hate it, Baba and Gedo will be proud, and there is a health food store that surely will be able to take your money. Vitamins, Probiotics, and healthy food. I was short on Vitamin B3, B6, Probiotics, and Zinc. The challenge was how to get my body to absorb them, and that’s where the research came in. I’m not promoting a single brand, or product, but only sharing what I used. These remedies made the energy come back within 3 days, restored the mobility in my arm, and eliminated the numbness in my hand.

Please contact my office if you want more specific details or check out my Facebook page as I’ve listed it there.

Please also investigate the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, as many doctors have been working on piecing together the puzzle to help people. You are not alone, and there are ways of getting your health, and energy back in order. Keep an open mind and do not lose hope. The troubles you are having may not just be stopped but reversed so you can get back to your normal self.

I was also asked recently if I was going to put my name in the hat and seek the local nomination to represent the UCP for a second time. I was on the fence honestly. I wanted to make sure that we settled down, had a new leader, and got the team pulling the same direction. I also wanted to make sure that I had solid footing to be able to keep moving forward on the corridors initiative, as well as to be able to help the folks in our area in a very efficient manner. With the caucus retreat, the naming of the new ministries, changing the way we propose laws and craft them before taking them into the house, and being named as the Parliamentary Secretary for Economic Corridors I believe I can meet the objectives I’ve laid out. However, receiving that phone call this morning from Gene put me over the top.

Hearing the pain in someone’s voice, having them admit how hopeless things appeared for them, and having them thank me for being one of the only voices taking on the issues of vaccine injury and “Long Covid” issues; a voice that they could trust to do the right thing. That was the tipping point for me. I’ll be running again, and I’ll do all I can to make sure I’m in the ring for the upcoming election, but I will need your help to do that. I’ll make the commitment to give another 4 years of my life to be your MLA, but ultimately, it’s up to you as the voter to make that happen. I know the folks that oppose me will have their supporters out in droves, so please do not be complacent, and let’s work together to keep our constituency, and ultimately our province on track.

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