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Hells Angels Expected To Gather in Durham this Weekend

Hundreds of Hells Angels members from across the country are expected to gather in Durham Region this weekend and police say they are prepared for the event.

Deputy Chief Dean Bertrim of the Durham Regional Police Service was among several officials who held a press conference Monday morning explaining to the public what could be expected.

“On the weekend of July 22nd to 24th, which is obviously this Friday to Sunday, the Brooklin chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club will host a site for an event they are calling the 2022 Canada Run,” Bertrim said.

“We anticipate hundreds of motorcycle club members from across Canada to converge in our region.”

“We are committed to the safety and security of our community,” said Bertrim. “And we will have a zero-tolerance approach with respect to unlawful activity and conduct.”

Bertim added that Hells Angels supporters had been quizzing police online in social media commentary, “trivializing” the party and “why we are making a big deal about this?” and “painting them in a negative light.”

“Let me be clear today: They (Hells Angels) are an organized crime group who have consistently proven to be responsible for all manners of crimes including drug trafficking, illegal gambling, human trafficking, firearms and acts of violence perpetrated by their members and/or through support clubs,” Bertrim said.

Bertrim explained with the use of a huge poster to his left that showed the culmination of an organized crime investigation called Project Kakia.

Project Kakia was a six-month-long multi-jurisdictional police operation that led to the arrest of 28 people related to the members of the Hells Angels Brooklin and Belleville chapters, along with the Red Devils MC and associates.

During those raids, $1.2 million in drugs, including 5.5. kilos of cocaine, 54 grams of heroin, plus 32 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammo were seized with 291 charges laid.

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