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Hypocrite? Trudeau Attacks Hockey Canada Over Sexual Assault Allegations Despite His Own Past

Following allegations by a woman that she was sexually assaulted by eight Canadian Hockey League players, including members of Canada’s gold medal-winning 2017-18 World Junior team, the Prime Minister decided to comment on the matter.

“We need to see Hockey Canada demonstrating a level of transparency, accountability and understanding of the situation they’re faced with,” said Trudeau.

“There needs to be a real reckoning with what we saw from that organization, and the wilful blindness to something that other organizations have been faced with, struggled with, but made good decisions around. As opposed to what Hockey Canada has been doing.”

Some took to Twitter to call out the Prime Minister's hypocrisy.

"I issue this statement reluctantly, in response to mounting media pressure to confirm that I was the reporter who was the subject of the Open Eyes editorial, published in the Creston Valley Advance in August of 2000," Rose Knight, wrote a former journalist who alleged Trudeau touched her inappropriately.

"The incident referred to in the editorial did occur, as reported. Mr. Trudeau did apologize the next day. I did not pursue the incident at the time and will not be pursuing the incident further. I have had no subsequent contact with Mr. Trudeau, before or after he became Prime Minister."

"My recollections of the conversation were that she came to me because she was unsettled by it. She didn't like what had happened," said a coworker of hers. "She wasn't sure how she should proceed with it because, of course, we're talking somebody who was known to the Canadian community."

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