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Instagram Allegedly Prevents People following Joe Rogan on Instagram to 'Protect Community'

Joe Rogan appears to have run into hot water again with the social media app Instagram.

Rogan said that he hoped that it was just a glitch in the app and nothing else:

"Well, this is kinda f***ed. I’m hoping this is just a glitch? People are saying they can’t follow me. Is anyone else having this issue?"

Comedian Andrew Schulz said the whole situation was 'spooky' as Instagram had also recently taken down some of his posts.

MMA fighter Amanda Leve attributed it to Rogan's ribbing of American politician Nancy Pelosi.

Others called Instagram a 'communist-run platform.'

The Instagram message read, “Try Again Later – We restrict certain activity to protect our community.”

In an old podcast episode, Rogan sat alongside billionaire Elon Musk. The two gave their thoughts on Instagram and other social media platforms. Rogan pointed out how he felt much “better” not having social media apps like Instagram on his phone. Musk added that Instagram makes most people’s lives seem happier and better than it actually is.

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