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Mainstreet Research Poll Claims Poilievre Would Blow Liberals Out of Water in Federal Election

A new poll by Mainstreet Research shows that a Conservative Party led by Poilievre would decimate the Liberals in the upcoming federal election.

According to the survey which was conducted between July 15-18, the Conservatives would win 39% of the popular vote if Poilievre was the party leader. The Liberals would get just 27.1%, which would almost certainly mean a conservative majority.

The NDP is at 18.6%, while the Bloc, PPC, and Greens are at 5.6%, 4.5%, and 2.7% respectively.

Thankfully for Conservatives, Poilievre has led the other candidates by large margins since the beginning of the primary. A Leger poll from July 3 gives Poilievre 48% of the CPC vote, with runner-up Jean Charest having only 14%. 26% of CPC supporters remain undecided with who to vote for as their leader.

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