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Name ‘Ellen Page’ Completely Erased From Oscars, IMDB After Actress Transitions To Male

If someone from fifteen years ago awoke from a coma and immediately decided to look up their favorite actress Ellen Page, they would find she doesn't exist - but her new "male identity" certainly does.

When searching for “Ellen Page” on, users encounter “Elliot Page” instead with a short explainer.

It's about the same thing as IMDb, which has erased Page’s former name entirely. The short bio on the Hollywood star doesn’t contain the name “Ellen” at all, even for roles that Page performed under the former name. Page’s acting past has been erased and rewritten. Daily Wire figure Michael Knowles has compared this to the classic dystopian novel “1984.”

Even the Wikipedia page is similar. It states that the actor was “formerly Ellen Page” by way of description, but uses he/him pronouns and Elliot throughout the rest of the text.

The practice of “deadnaming” refers to using a person’s previous name, especially for transgender individuals. Knowles points out that Page went by “Ellen” for 33 out of 35 years of life and can’t just erase that history and start over, plus shouldn’t expect the rest of the world to do so.

Knowles points out the absurdity of the charade, especially if Page decided tomorrow to switch back to using female pronouns and going by Ellen again.

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