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Poilievre's Victory - Came from Western Supporters!

Conservative Party of Canada Leader Pierre Poilievre received overwhelming support in his leadership bid from party voters out West. In particular was his showing in Saskatchewan, where he received an outstanding 78 per cent of first-ballot votes from voters.

Nationally, Poilievre received 68 per cent support from members and won 330 of 338 ridings.

"It's an amazing result, 68 per cent of the vote, that is unprecedented in our parties history," said Regina Qu'Appelle Conservative MP Andrew Scheer.

"It's a very clear and decisive mandate for Pierre as he leads our team going forward. And it's indicative of hundreds of thousands of people joining our party around his message of greater freedom, less government interference in our lives, and a government that works for people instead of dividing Canadians."

Scheer was Poilievre's Saskatchewan campaign chair, making sure the latter made campaign stops in Regina and Saskatoon during the race.

He spoke about energy policy in Regina on March 3 and held a "Freedom Rally" at Mosaic Stadium later that evening. He then held events with supporters in Saskatoon in May and made a second trip to Regina in August.

Poilievre also received endorsements from seven Saskatchewan MPs. Leslyn Lewis was the only other leadership candidate to receive endorsements from Saskatchewan MPs with three.

Lewis came third in the national race but was a distant second to Poilievre in the 14 Saskatchewan ridings.

Twenty-two Saskatchewan Party MLAs publicly endorsed Poilievre. including two government cabinet ministers, Dustin Duncan and Dana Skoropad. Saskatchewan Conservative Senator Denise Batters also endorsed Poilievre's campaign.

Scheer said it was "incredible to watch" Poilievre bring together party members with a message of "free markets, individual choice, and speaking to the issues that really touched the lives of Canadians."

"[Canadians] are concerned about the out-of-control deficits, and they are concerned about things like the energy crisis in Europe that Canada should be responding to."

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