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Poll has Liberals Trailing CPC By 6 Points, NDP Distant Third

Leger has released the findings of an online survey conducted from Sept. 16 to Sept. 18 with 1,522 respondents.

The results come 10 days after Poilievre’s landslide victory in the Conservative leadership race, which many Tories hope signals the beginning of a unified Conservative party.

The poll shows support for the Liberals fell a dramatic five points since early August, while the Tories gained six points. The NDP also rose by two and the People’s Party of Canada fell by two.

The poll suggests the Liberals’ popularity has declined since one year ago, when Trudeau was re-elected for a second time to form a minority government.

Around 28 per cent of respondents said they would cast a ballot for the Liberals if an election were held today, as compared to the nearly 33 per cent who did last September. About 34 per cent of respondents said they would park their vote with the Tories. That returns the Tories to popularity levels posted when Canadians last went to the polls, and a big improvement from the 26 per cent support it found after losing last year’s election. The results suggest some of the former Liberal voters may have shifted from the left to the right.

Another 23 per cent of respondents in the survey said they would pick the NDP, an increase from the nearly 18 per cent recorded in the election.

Three per cent of respondents opted for the Green Party and another three per cent would choose the People’s Party of Canada.

When it comes to who would make the best prime minister, however, the data still has

Trudeau as the top choice for 24 per cent of respondents, three points ahead of Poilievre and seven points over Singh. However, with the CPC in the lead, this means little.

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