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Shapiro's Daily Wire Signs Jordan Peterson to podcast deal

YouTube personality and self-help author Jordan Peterson signed a podcasting deal with The Daily Wire, the company announced Thursday.

Peterson, the Canadian clinical psychologist, will appear on DailyWire+, a subscription-based streaming service that will offer podcasts and video-on-demand, the conservative news site co-founded by Ben Shapiro said.

The announcement comes a day after Peterson, a critic of cancel culture, was reportedly suspended by Twitter.

Dave Rubin, a right-leaning commentator, said that Peterson was booted off the platform Wednesday for tweeting that the doctor who removed transgender actor Elliot Page’s breasts was a “criminal physician.”

Peterson said he gravitated toward Daily Wire due to the state of the current media landscape.

“Obviously, there’s a huge shift in media technology from whatever was the legacy media in print, video, entertainment, and in the digital world, and clearly DailyWire+ is at the forefront of that,” said Peterson.

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