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Theo Fleury's Canadians For Truth Expands Big in Calgary

Hockey legend Theo Fleury's project Canadians For Truth is expanding big into Calgary.

"Today @Canadians4Truth moved into our beautiful new office space in Quarry Park in Calgary. @josbourgault @JamieSale We will be launching our new media company very soon and will be doing live events as well. Go to to become a member of #TeamCanada," he posted on social media.

Canadians For Truth describes its goal as "restor[ing] truth in Media by offering engaging and entertaining interviews with grassroot Canadians and Americans, holding media and politicians accountable, and offering edgy but truthful media that is both engaging and entertaining." It opposes censorship in media, globalist control in Government, and weak Political Leadership.

Their group's manifesto is as follows: "We are a group of CANADIAN CITIZENS who believe in honesty, integrity, and principled Leadership in Government, grounded in the Principles of the Rule of Just Laws, developed over hundreds of years by our Ancestors. This has worked until the recent 2020-21 Pandemic. Now this Pandemic is being used by our Governments, who are controlled by Globalists, to justify the so called 'great reset' which we STRONGLY OPPOSE."

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