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Vancouver Homeless Crisis Out of Control! Surges Into Neighbouring Victoria

Tons of new homeless are appearing in Victoria, many of whom came from Vancouver.

"We've definitely seen more of that and folks indicating that things were getting a little too hectic or busy over there," said Jordan Cooper director of services with Our Place Society.

This has been due to clashes between police and unhoused people which have been on the rise in Vancouver, as encampments in the city were recently ordered to come down.

"If there’s a lot of police attention, which is happening right now in Vancouver, people start to feel unsafe and they want to move somewhere else where they’re not being harassed as much or they don’t risk going to jail," said Grant McKenzie, director of communications with Our Place.

Our Place reported a wave of new arrivals in Victoria, some of whom were preying on the city's vulnerable community by selling drugs.

"We’re seeing a second wave of people, which are less the predators and more people who need services," he said.

A Vancouver Outreach group says another wave of arrivals isn't necessarily surprising, given conditions on the Lower Mainland.

"How are people going to figure out where they’re going to rest their head at night if they’re constantly being told no matter where they go, they aren’t welcome?" said Nicole Mucci with Union Gospel Mission on Aug. 19.

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