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'Your gas guzzler kills': Edmonton woman finds warning on her SUV along with deflated tires

A vigilante trend of deflating SUV and pickup tires in the name of environmental protection appears to have arrived in Edmonton with one victim calling it "frustrating."

Brandee Rintoul found two tires on her Honda SUV deflated Sunday along with a note, apparently from "The Tire Extinguishers."

Similar flyers have been found on vehicles with deflated tires in Victoria and Kitchener.

"SUVs are unnecessary, and pure vanity," the note says. "We are taking actions into our own hands, because our governments and politicians will not."

Rintoul pumped up her tires and said she's not changing vehicles, but will probably install security cameras on her home in the McQueen neighbourhood.

"The (vandals) don’t know why people pick the vehicle they drive. It’s not necessarily that I picked this because it’s a gas guzzler or whatever," Rintoul told CTV News Edmonton.

"My sister and I do a lot of stuff together, our two families, on the weekends and stuff. So one of the reasons I bought this is because it fits her family and mine. So rather than taking two vehicles to the lake, we take one."

"The Tire Extinguishers" website offers a "how to" video on tire deflation along with printable notes in several languages

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